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How to Set Up Categories for your 9000+ IPTV Channels on Android TV's Live Channels App

by Ali Hussan Ahmed




My last Article I told you about one of the great ways to enhance your Android TV experience, by utilizing the Blazingly fast and well laid out Live Channels App with 9000+ IPTV Channels.

You can make use of the Google Assistant's Deep Integration with Android TV's Live Channels App, quickly finding what you want to Watch with Google Assistant is made easy.

This is great, but once you set it all up you have a great big long list of Channels - The Problem we have is that Google pre-defines the Names of Categories.

The playlist that Iconic provides does have Categories, but they're named differently to Category Names supported by Google's Live Channels App.

I've created a Playlist that you can Download which has most of the English Speaking Channels Categorized according to the predefined Names that Google want you to use.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as Downloading and then uploading the playlist to TVirl.

You'll need to edit the Playlist with a Text Editor like Notepad++ (anything similar will work), open the .M3U file in a Text Editor and replace 'USERNAME' with the Username you set up your Iconic with - replace 'PASSWORD' with the Password in your Email from Iconic, the Password and Username will both be in an Email you recieved.





  • M3U Playlist for Android TV Live Channels App can be found the Description of our Youtube Video

If you want to Categorize this all yourself, check out the Video below for Instructions on how to do this. I haven't included All Channels in the Categories, only the English speaking Channels.

It does involve buying a Service from Xtreme Editor, it cost's £14.94 ($19.44), for an Annual Subscription. My Solution above saves you Time and Money.

Live Channels App Supported Category Names

  • ARTS
  • NEWS

These Solutions will only Work on Android TV Devices, such as the Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box and Google Nexus Player. This may work with Sony Android TV's but I haven't tested this yet.

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This Video will show you both Solutions

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If you missed our last video

Follow the Instructions in the Video, Everything you need to get started:

  • Iconic Subscription for 10$ this is a no-brainer.
  • TVirl You'll need this to use the IPTV Channels in the Live Channels App for Android TV.

Recommended Video
A-hAAn News YouTube Channel
Like the video if you enjoyed it and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more content like this.

About the Author

Ali Hussan Ahmed

Ali has a passion for Great Technology and appreciates well laid out Design which has Functionality that blends well. He is a Network Engineer and dabbles in Web Development in his spare time.

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