Google's Stadia Vs Nvidia's Geforce Now, Gaming could get a lot better for Android, Android TV and Chromebooks

Google's Stadia Vs Nvidia's Geforce Now, Gaming could get a lot better for Android, Android TV and Chromebooks

Google announced their plans to shake up the Gaming world with Stadia, the Cloud Gaming platform with AMD GPU Architecture - their plan is to Innovate in the Gaming space just like they have in other sectors.

This video will look at how Google’s Stadia matches up to Nvidia’s own Cloud Streaming Platform, Geforce Now.

Google and Nvidia aren’t one of the first to enter the Cloud Gaming Market, back in 2009 OnLive was launched but then closed up shop a few years later in 2015, Microsoft and Sony are both planning on releasing similar Services - Will Google and Nvidia be able to keep this alive, unlike their predecessors?

Let's see how Google’s Stadia compares to the already established Geforce Now from Nvidia.

Nvidia Shield 2017 Controller

Nvidia doesn’t have a controller solely aimed at Geforce Now, but they do have the Shield Controller that works with a PC or your Shield TV. You can use the controller wirelessly with the nVidia Shield, but not on PC.

Both controllers support multiple platforms and the standard button configuration, which is the same arrangement as the Xbox One Controller

Both Controllers have a built in microphone, Nvidia’s microphone can be always listening and act as a Google Home if you enable the feature. Feedback from Google gets shown on the TV Screen, this will only work with the nVidia Shield.

Stadia’s controller has a button for Google Assistant, this will allow you to pause the game and use Google Assistant to do a quick search on the internet for some help. I would find this extremely useful, if this is done right.

This reminds me of when I was playing Resident Evil 2 the remake, I was constantly finding myself looking up what to do next after stuck.

Stadia’s Controller uses Wifi to minimize latency between you and the Game you’re playing.

The Shields Controller uses Bluetooth, to conserve more Battery Power whilst the always on Microphone feature. The 2015 Shield Controller uses Wifi instead of Bluetooth, since the switch I haven’t noticed any difference in latency.

Stadia’s controller has a dedicated button to record or broadcast live to Youtube, on the Nvidia Controller you can hold down the Home button and start broadcasting live to Twitch or record your Gameplay and then do whatever you want with the Footage.

Google Stadia Controller in Hands

Let’s move onto the Games

Google has laid out the plan for their Stadia platform, they have comprehensive features that the Game Developers have to buy into, the Games will have to work on Linux for a start - which is the OS that Stadia is runs on.

Games will not be compatible unless the Developer supports Stadia, Stadia is based on PC architecture so it will be unlikely that Game Developers don’t choose to adopt the new Platform, so far the most popular Games that have been announced for Stadia is Doom and Assassins Creed Odyssey - I’m sure when Google finally releases Stadia, the list of Games will grow.

Nvidia’s Geforce Now is a lot more established as they’ve been Beta testing their Service since 2017, Nvidia first released the Geforce now Beta for macOS and then on Windows and Shield TV shortly after in 2018.

From the get go, Nvidia seem to have the advantage. As they support more Games, you can play most of your PC games on Geforce now. If the Game isn’t supported now, be sure that Nvidia will add support eventually.

Any Steam Game can be played on Geforce now, but the ones that aren’t supported by nVidia will need to be manually installed, which can take a few minutes.

Where as the convenience of Google Stadia may be more suiting, as there is no installation required ever, you launch a Game and it’s ready to play straight away. You can even follow your favourite YouTube or Twitch Gamers and join their Game, if they allow it.

Ali Hussan Ahmed
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