LG Wallpaper TV: Google Assistant Features Are A Total Let Down

By Ali Hussan Ahmed

LG Wallpaper TV: Google Assistant Features Are A Total Let Down

LG's Dominance in the TV Market has been apparent since the launch of their largest OLED panel back in 2012 since then the TVs have become much more affordable but they still hold a Premium price compared to their LCD range.

That's all well and good, we know they have a great Picture Quality, but not without shortfalls such as overly Juddery scenes when watching any kind of Content that has Panning or fast-moving scenes.

The only way to mitigate this issue is by enabling TruMotion, which is LG's own branded version of Interpolation but it's recommended to turn off this Feature because of unwanted effects such as the "Soap Opera" effect or Artefacts which IMO also ruins the experience.

"Now is the age of AI technology, and LG is leading the way with ThinQ, a new brand of various products which are integrated with AI functions and services. With AI technology, we are aiming to >bring real-world benefits that would enhance your daily life and by effortlessly interconnecting various products around you, LG ThinQ could do just that. LG ThinQ branded products can share and >study information between themselves to execute things as you would and to provide answers you need right at the moment.

By interacting with you daily, LG ThinQ products could better understand your usage pattern and offer you experiences more tailored to your lifestyle, as so you can spend less time on tedious >chores and spend more time on what matters most to you.”

Google Assistant Features Are A Total Let Down I've owned the W8 LG Wallpaper TV for around 4 months and I was excited at first, but the novelty wore off quickly. It's more frustrating to use the TV's Voice Commands then it is useful, illustrated in the video below:

LG did a good thing by including the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa into the TV, without this the LG ThinQ Assistant is useless - the commands you have to use don't feel natural and the Voice that LG uses to respond reminds me of Voice of 'Microsoft Anna' from Windows 7.

Maybe this Years OLEDs from LG will fix a lot of Last Year's shortfalls, I won't hold my breath although the HDMI 2.1 looks promising!

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