Best IPTV Apps in 2023 for Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, iOS, Xbox and More

The Must-Have IPTV Apps of 2023 for Your Favorite Devices

By Ali Hussan Ahmed

Best IPTV Apps in 2023 for Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, iOS, Xbox and More
    What is IPTV?
    How do I watch legal IPTV?
    Best IPTV apps for Apple TV (4th Generation)
    Best IPTV app for Android TV/Google TV & Amazon Fire TV
    TiviMate IPTV Player
    Can you record Live TV with Tivimate?
    Best IPTV apps for Android TV/Google TV
    Sparkle TV - IPTV Player
    PVR Live
    Best IPTV app for Android
    Best IPTV app for iOS (iPad & iPhone)
    GSE Smart IPTV
    Best IPTV app for Windows 10 & Xbox
    MyIPTV Player
    Best IPTV app for LG WebOS & Samsung Tizen
    IPTV Smarters Player

IPTV is one of the best ways to watch your favourite channels, there are many free-to-play options out there such as Pluto TV.

I recommend you use a VPN such as NordVPN to make sure you’re protected and don’t get bandwidth throttled by your internet service provider.

NordVPN is essential when your IPTV is blocked by your ISP.

I'll recommend the best IPTV apps to use for a majority of platforms. I'll cover every popular platform, including Android, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV/Google TV and more.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and is a form of television broadcast over the internet and not by traditional means. IPTV is a form of television broadcast over the internet rather than using the traditional medium.

To answer this question, IPTV legality will be based on the platform you set up for watching the service, which decides whether it is legal or illegal. For example, watching online television through a channel app without logging in to an account is perfectly legal, but using websites to watch pirated content is illegal.

IPTV technology is legal, but the use of the technology for illegal purposes such as piracy or illegal distribution of content is illegal.

IPTV boxes allow for anonymous content sharing that puts you in a compromising situation if the service provider or law enforcement finds out that you are using the device for piracy.

Legal IPTV is a TV channel provided through an application on your phone, tablet or TV, while illegal IPTV is provided by someone other than the channel creator, and is being illegally streamed on a physical device such as a TV.

Legal IPTV can be streamed through an application provided by the channel creator. If you are a member of a subscription, you may log in to view content through the application.

The content you watch through IPTV channels is not only legal to view but legal to own as well. In other words, you have the freedom to stream TV shows and movies using legally purchased subscription channels on your television, using any legal service that can stream video.

Best IPTV apps for Apple TV (4th Generation)

I've collated a couple of my favourite apps for the 4th generation Apple TV.

I've only included the best IPTV apps for Apple TV that I've tested and have found to work very well.


iPlayTV One-off payment of £5.99

iPlayTV is one of the best apps you can use to watch IPTV on the Apple TV (4th Generation), the layout is intuitive and looks very good.

The only downside that I've found so far, is the lag you get when scrolling down the TV Guide quickly. It has a beautiful layout for TV Shows and Movies.

The app allows you to view live channel playlists and organize content in a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

The player lets you create a playlist of your favourite channels that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

If you have a third-party IPTV M3U playlist that you downloaded from the internet, you can upload it to iPlayTV and watch media without any problems.

  • Features:

  • Multi playlists

  • Search for channels in all playlists

  • favourites

  • favourites reorder

  • Channel preview (Must be enabled in settings)

  • Automatic find channels logos using a channel name

  • Full Electronic Program Guide support

  • Easy to use and simple interface

  • Supports most of the iptv playlists

  • Based on VLC and Apple player (supports most of the stream codecs)

  • Supports EPG urls with gzip/tar content

  • Supports multiple audio/subtitles tracks

  • Airplay 2 (when the Apple tv comes from sleep you need to select it again)

  • Xtream Codes support

Works with


IPTVX Minimum subscription payment of £4.49

For a long time, iPlayTV was the go-to app for IPTV on the Apple TV (4th Generation), with little to no competition. Sure there are a few IPTV apps but none are optimized for Apple's tvOS and utilises the power of the Apple TV

Enter IPTVX, this is the only true competitor for iPlayTV. Matteo Gobbi is currently a Software Engineer at Google working on iOS apps. who recently finished a three-year stint at Twitter.

Matteo created an app that's one of the best in its class. The IPTVX design mimics the layout of Netflix and borrows some of its features. Like the ability to continue watching a movie where you left off.

IPTVX includes unprecedented features for IPTV apps. like being able to watch an episode of a TV show and then having the next episode offered up to you at the end.

I usually use an Android TV to watch IPTV. Currently, there isn't an app on Android TV that comes close to the experience that IPTVX provides.

The main downside for IPTVX is that it has a convoluted payment structure and it is very expensive compared to other competitors.

  • Features:

  • Netflix-style navigation;

  • Movies overview, cover and details when a channel is highlighted;

  • Movies info is downloaded in the language set on your Apple TV;

  • Keep watching (from where you left) section: it will automatically be shown once you start watching a movie or a TV Series;

  • favourites: Long press on a Movie or a TV Series to add/remove it from favourites, and a new section will automatically appear;

  • Pause/play and move the cursor back and forward while the video is paused: just pause the video and move your finger on the AppleTV remote controller;

  • TV Series has a dedicated page with a list of episodes completed of titles, images and descriptions. They will also show progress and you will be able to keep watching from where you left off;

  • TV Series will show the “Next episode” button once the episode approaches the end; if not pressed, it will go ahead automatically at the end of the episode;

  • Movies and TV Series marked as adult content from the movie database will show an apposite badge.

Works with

Best IPTV app for Android TV/Google TV & Amazon Fire TV

The best IPTV app for Fire TV, Android TV, and now the new Chromecast with Google TV, This app is very popular and offers lots of features to help you enjoy your IPTV service.

TiviMate IPTV Player

Tivimate & Tivimate for Fire TV Free & £4.49 per Year

Tivimate is hands down the best IPTV app you can use on Android TV and Amazon's Fire TV, it's fast and intuitive, and the design of the app is very similar to Android TV's Live Channels app.

This app is becoming the most popular IPTV app for Android TV and Amazon Fire TV, The developer is very passionate about this app and frequently pushes out updates, based on user feedback

The developer has worked hard over the years to bring you all of the features that you've asked for, he has now added the ability to view IPTV in a picture-in-picture window, watching up to four channels on the same screen, this is great for sports.

Now you can record your IPTV channels using Tivimate, with the added benefit of choosing the location of the recording such as a Network Drive or NAS.

Can you record Live TV with Tivimate?

Now you can record your IPTV channels using Tivimate premium, with the added benefit of being able to choose the location of your recordings to places such as a network drive.

  • Main features:

  • Modern user interface designed for big screens

  • Support for multiple playlists

  • Scheduled TV guide update

  • Favourite channels

  • Catch-up

  • Search

  • and much more

  • and more

  • Important notes:

  • TiviMate doesn't include any TV sources, you need to add playlists from your IPTV/OTT provider to be able to watch live TV channels

  • Only Android set-top boxes are supported (the mobile version is under development)

Works with

Best IPTV apps for Android TV/Google TV

The best IPTV apps for Android TV and now the new Chromecast with Google TV, these apps let you take full advantage of the Live Channels app which is integrated in Android TV but optional on Google TV.

Sparkle TV - IPTV Player

Sparkle TV - IPTV Player 99p Per Month or a One-off cost of £4

Google decided to leave the Live Channels App in the dust and focussed its attention on the Google TV platform, which isn't an open Android API that many Developers can decide to utilise. Thus Sparkle was born, made by the creator of PVR Live.

It's very similar to PVR Live except it isn't shackled by the chains of Google. Sparkle offers a very similar layout to PVR Live, taking advantage of the 'leanback' library for Android TV which makes navigating apps on the TV very easy.

  • Support for the most common formats such as m3u, xtream codes and xmltv (complete list below)

  • Program guide (EPG)

  • Logotypes and program images in EPG (*)

  • Favourites (*)

  • Sorting of channels and categories (*)

  • Show/hide channels and categories (*)

  • Multiple audio tracks

  • Subtitles (cc/dvbsub/teletext)

  • Auto Frame Rate (AFR)

  • Multiple languages

  • Timeshift (play/pause live streams) (*)

  • Search for channels, programs, movies or series

  • DVR to schedule and watch recorded programs and series (*)

  • Multiview to watch multiple streams simultaneously (*)

  • VOD - catchup, movies and series (*)

  • Themes

  • Home screen integration for "Play next", recent channels and recorded programs

  • Use multiple sources at the same time (*)

  • Parental controls for protecting settings

  • Remote control customization

Works with

PVR Live

PVR Live 99p Per Month or a One-off cost of £4

This app is one of the best Tivimate alternatives, strongly consider switching to PVR Live if you want more of a polished experience.

PVR Live allows you to pause live TV and record any upcoming TV Shows and Movies from your IPTV Provider.

This is all done in the Android TV’s Live Channels app as Google intended, choosing something to record couldn’t be easier, open the TV Guide, find a TV Show in the future and click on it to schedule a record.

If you’re currently watching something that you fancy recording, press the record button and the app knows how long it needs to record.

A unique feature on Google's Live Channels app is that if you schedule a recording because you don't think you'll be able to watch the content live or you can't make it home before it ends, you don't have to wait until the recording ends to start watching the recording from the beginning.

You can start watching the recording straight away even though it hasn't finished, this has been a very handy feature.

  • Main features:

  • Live TV with Live Channels

  • Completely integrated in your TV if it's based on Android TV (e.g. Philips, Sony)

  • Program guide (EPG)

  • Logotypes in EPG

  • Channel tags/favourites/bouquets

  • Multiple audio tracks

  • Subtitles

  • Multiple languages (English/Spanish/German/Swedish)

  • Timeshift (play/pause/seek)

  • Watch recorded programs(_)(**)

  • Schedule recordings()(*)

  • Home screen / Recommendations with the latest recorded programs(_)

  • Use multiple PVR sources at the same time(*)

  • (*) requires Plus-version

  • (**) requires Android 7.0+ as well as device support

  • Currently, the following PVR sources are supported:

  • DVBLink (6.x+)

  • DVBViewer (Recording Services or Media Server)

  • Enigma2 (Dreambox, VU+ and more)

  • NextPVR (3.6.x+)

  • Playlist (m3u/m3u8 and xmltv)

  • TVHeadend (4.2+)

  • TVMosaic

Works with


TVIrl £0.89 – £22.49 per item

TVIrl is similar to PVR Live in that it allows you to use your watch your IPTV channels on the Android TV Live Channels app, except that it currently doesn't allow you to record and development is slow in comparison.

TVIrl allows you to use your favourite IPTV Service with the native Android TV Live Channels app. We created instructions on how to set up IPTV services on the Android TV Live Channels app.

You will have to edit your M3U playlist to allow you to have categories in the Live Channels app, it will be worth it afterwards since you can use Google Assistant to find what you want to watch.

I recommend PVR Live as the better TVIrl alternative, simply for the fact that PVR Live allows you to record channels, TVIrl has been a little slow off the marks.

  • Main features:

  • Load M3U playlist (local or from the internet)

  • Programs (EPG) in XmlTV and JTV formats

  • Load channels logo

  • Multicast/UDP, DASH, HLS, HTTP Progressive, RTMP

  • MPEG-TS, mp4

  • h364/h365/MPEG-2/AC-3/MP2/MP3/… etc. (depends on decoders installed on the device)

  • Add your own archives with a logo or EPG

Works with

Best IPTV app for Android

The best IPTV app for Android on Phones and Tablets, this app is very simple but offers a reliable set of features.


IPTV & IPTV Pro Free or £2.79

Android has quite a few IPTV apps available, GSE Smart IPTV is also available on the Google Play Store for Android and Android TV.

It's not the best app that I recommend, this is where Alexander Sofronov's IPTV app comes in.

The app incorporates 'Material Design', which in my opinion is the best kind of app design and has all the features you could ever need including Google Cast.

  • Features:

  • M3U and XSPF playlists support

  • Playlists history

  • Playing multicast streams with UDP proxy (proxy needs to be installed in your LAN)

  • Grid, list, or tile view of TV channels

  • EPG support in XMLTV and JTV formats

  • Additional features are available in the Pro version:

  • Ad-free

  • Ability to auto-reconnect to streaming server when the connection is closed unexpectedly (HTTP streams only).

  • Start app on device boot option, useful for set-top boxes.

  • Auto-play last channel option

  • Extended playlists history

Best IPTV app for iOS (iPad & iPhone)

The best IPTV app on iOS for iPhones and iPads enables you to enjoy your IPTV service with the best possible experience.


GSE Smart IPTV Free or £3.99

IPTV apps on iOS are few and far between, the best app I've found is one that's available on Android as well.

GSE Smart IPTV allows you to watch all of your favourite channels and on-demand content. This app is especially useful because it allows you to watch your IPTV on the go and cast your streams to your Google Cast or Airplay-enabled devices.

GSE SMART IPTV is a complete user-defined Advanced IPTV solution for live and non-live TV/stream. With a built-in powerful player that supports most formats including RTMP all options. Faster intelligence M3U playlist parser Support M3U playlist formats, JSON formats, Database playlist formats, etc.

Best IPTV app for Windows 10 & Xbox

The best IPTV app for Windows 10 & Xbox, the one and only app to power your Windows 10 device or your Xbox One console.

MyIPTV Player

MyIPTV Player Free

Ever wanted to watch IPTV whilst you play Games? Or watch IPTV whilst you’re surfing the Web? Well, now you can do both. MyIPTV Player has been around for a while and has a great reputation, and many features and the developer doesn't ask a thing from you.

There are not many adverts shown on this fantastic app, I can't recommend MyIPTV Player enough. The features are fairly extensive, you are even able to record Live TV.

This alone should prompt you to try it for yourself. The developer has made MyIPTV Player a Windows Universal app, which means you will be able to get the same experience as your Windows PC on your Xbox.

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG TS supported

  • Channels are automatically grouped based on channel data

  • EPG support built-in

  • Recording option for channels

  • Favourites management built-in

  • Multiple channel playlists supported

  • Download video on demand (VOD) streams

  • Download centre and history for VOD files

  • Channel filtering options

  • PIN protection

  • Media player option which could use VLC library for media playback or Windows 10 media player

  • Option to add channels manually in-app settings.

Best IPTV app for LG WebOS & Samsung Tizen

The best IPTV app for Smart TVs, Samsung, and LG users can truly enjoy a great experience.

IPTV Smarters Player

IPTV Smarters Player Free

If you don't have any Set Top Boxes such as an Apple TV or Android TV, but you do have a Smart TV, The Smarters IPTV Player app is a great choice. There is another app called SmartIPTV, but I don't recommend it.

The Smart IPTV Player is available on recent LG & Samsung TVs.

The Smart IPTV Player is Compatible with the Magic remote on LG TVs, the player is capable of playing 4K HDR content.


  • Main features:

  • Support Xtream Codes API

  • Play Live, Movies, and Series Streaming

  • Movies Rating, Movies Description, Casting Info

  • Support EPG

  • Native Player ( Built-in Player )

  • Displaying Movies Info, Series Info, Stream Logo, and Session wise data.

  • Parental Control

  • Show Expiry Date, Account Info.

  • Multiuser Support: The user can manage more than one subscription.

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