Google Call Screening Finally Lands In The UK For Pixel Beta Testers.

'After years of neglect, UK Pixel owners can rejoice

Google Call Screening Finally Lands In The UK For Pixel Beta Testers.

Just as I was preparing to be let down by Google again, they only went and surprised me by releasing a feature in the UK that I thought would never happen.

Previously, I pleaded with Google to provide the features that I have been waiting for since announced for the US.

Many people believed that the privacy laws in the UK prevented Google from bringing 'Call Screening' to the UK, I thought the same especially, after they expanded into Canada.

Call Screening

Google has finally listened and is bringing one of these features to the UK, manual 'Call Screening' will be rolling out to the U.K., France, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.

The 'Hold for me' feature is also expanding to Australia, Canada, and Japan but that's it, this is unfortunate but I'm now optimistic that the feature will eventually reach the UK.

If you do get a call from an unknown number, not to worry – Call Screen helps you find out who they are and why they’re calling before you pick up. Call Screen helps users in the U.S., Canada and Japan screen 37 million calls each month, and today we’re expanding manual Call Screen to Pixel users in the U.K., France, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

Source: Google

Call Screening

You can get it now.

If you're a part of the Beta testing for the 'Phone by Google' app, the feature will be ready for you to use.

I've had the delight of testing the feature when my other half called me, she wasn't so pleased but I was over-the-moon!

Phone by Google Beta Tester

Google LLC has invited you to a testing programme for an unreleased version of the Phone by Google app.

Ali Hussan Ahmed
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