Ditch the Keys! Welock Smart Lock Review: Fingerprints vs. Fumbling

The Welock Smart Lock promises keyless convenience and top-notch security. But is it all it's cracked up to be? We put it to the test in our comprehensive review.

By Ali Hussan Ahmed

Ditch the Keys! Welock Smart Lock Review: Fingerprints vs. Fumbling

Ah, the humble key. A symbol of home, a beacon of security, and in a world of contactless convenience, an increasingly inconvenient chunk of metal. Enter the Welock Smart Lock, a sleek challenger promising to unlock your door with the magic of your own fingerprint. But is this biometric badass a game-changer, or merely a fancy fidget toy? We slapped it on our door and lived with it for a month, here's the unvarnished truth.

The Good:

  • Speedy McSpeedy Sensor:


    This 3D biometric sensor is Usain Bolt in disguise. We're talking 0.5 seconds to recognize your fingerprint, faster than you can say "goodbye fumbling." It's so quick, you'll be tempted to high-five the lock after every entry.

  • Party of Fingers:


    Forget family squabbles over lost keys. With 100 fingerprint slots, this lock throws a biometric bash for your whole crew. Grandma, the dog walker, even that quirky neighbor who always borrows your lawnmower – everyone gets VIP access (as long as they're not wanted criminals, obviously).

  • RFID Rhapsody:


    Tap-and-go convenience isn't just for fancy coffee shops. RFID cards let you waltz through the door with a simple swipe, perfect for forgetful teenagers or clumsy friends (we all have one).

  • Remote Rendezvous (with a Catch):


    Imagine lounging on a Bali beach, unlocking your door with a smug tap on your phone. The Welock app (and a separate Wi-Fi gateway) make it a reality. Just remember, convenience comes at a cost, both figuratively and literally (more on that later).

  • Weatherproof Warrior:


    Rain or shine, snow or sleet, this IP65-rated lock shrugs off the elements like a seasoned superhero. Perfect for any door that doesn't have a permanent umbrella attached (looking at you, British weather).

  • Fort Knox Security:


    Bank-grade encryption and local fingerprint storage keep your digits under digital lock and key. Hackers? Not welcome at this biometric bash.

The Not-So-Good:

  • Gateway Gamble:


    Remote control unlocks? Sounds awesome, right? Well, you need to fork over extra cash for the Wi-Fi gateway. This "smart" feature comes with a not-so-smart price tag.

  • Battery Blues:


    No wires, no fuss, but also no escaping the battery boogie. While the 8,000 unlocks claim sounds impressive, the inevitable battery swap will haunt you like a catchy pop song. Pro tip: stock up on AAAs.

  • App Apathy:


    The Welock app needs a tech makeover. Occasional lag and clunky menus make the otherwise smooth experience feel like navigating a digital labyrinth. Maybe hire the UI wizards from Ikea's assembly instructions?

The Verdict:

The Welock Smart Lock is a biometric beast, with its lightning-fast sensor, weatherproof exterior, and multiple unlock options. It's a definite upgrade for security and convenience, but the battery dependence and extra-cost gateway for remote control might leave some with a finger on the "pause" button.

Bottom Line: If you're a tech-savvy security buff who embraces the (temporary) battery life and doesn't mind shelling out for the full "smart" experience, the Welock Smart Lock unlocks a world of keyless convenience. Just be prepared to tango with battery changes and an app that occasionally needs a nap. For everyone else, consider if ditching the keys is worth the extra tech hassle.

P.S. Don't forget the portable charger! It's your lifeline when those 3A batteries inevitably kick the bucket. Plus, it doubles as a handy finger-zapping prank tool for unsuspecting roommates. Just kidding... maybe.

Bonus Round: Welock also offers the Welock Touch41 model, which features a touchscreen keypad alongside the fingerprint sensor. It's a great option for those who want the reassurance of a traditional backup or have guests who haven't quite embraced the whole finger-on-a-lock thing. Just be prepared for slightly slower unlock times and potential smudges on the screen (thanks, greasy pizza fingers).

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Do you want to embrace the future of keyless convenience with its occasional hiccups? Or stick with the trusty old (but sometimes frustrating) metal rectangle? Whatever you decide, just remember, the door to a life of no fumbling is only a fingerprint away (or a tap of your RFID card, or a press of a button if you're old-fashioned).

Ali Hussan Ahmed

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