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The Best Way to Get 4K and HDR with a 10 Metre HDMI Cable

by Gemma Marie Inman




We recently tested a new 4K HDR 10 Metre HDMI Cable which was kindly sent to us by FeizLink, we wanted to compare this to a standard 10 Metre HDMI cable.

The first thing we noticed visually was how much smaller and durable the FeizLink cable was compared to the standard HDMI cable. The standard cable required much more shielding in order to keep the signal in, whereas the Fibre cable was much thinner and flexible.

The Fibre cable from Feizlink isn't bidirectional this means one side needs to go into the source and one into the display.

Standard 10 Metre HDMI Cable

To test both the cables we plugged the standard cable first into the PC containing a 1080Ti to see if it could output 4K HDR at 60FPS.

We plugged this into the PC and ran the 10 Metre cable downstairs to the LG Wallpaper TV Soundbar which was a hassle as the cable was awkward to work with due to it not being very flexible, I imagine running this through a wall would be quite difficult, if you wanted to hide the cables.

When powering everything up we did get a 4K picture, previously when tested with an older graphics card we did not get a 4K picture at all. HDR was then enabled this the Image become very jittery and the frame rate was not great at all, the screen was then consistently flashing and it was clear that the standard HDMI was incapable of producing 4K HDR at 60FPS.




FeizLink 4K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

This cable again is non-bidirectional so we had to make sure one side was plugged into the source and the other was plugged into the TV, this was much quicker and I would imagine far easier to install through the walls if wanted due to the cable being thinner and flexible.

Straight away HDR was working with no flashing, This was seamless as if it was working as a 1 Metre cable rather than a 10 Metre cable and could not be faulted.

We wanted to push the FeizLink cable to the maximum, so the resolution was increased to 4096 x 2160 which is slightly higher than 4K and the cable worked perfectly.

4K films and games worked seamlessly when tested this was clearly the overall winner.

Feizlink 4K HDMI Cable 10m Fibre Optic High Speed 18Gbps Support HDMI2.0 4K 60Hz

  • FeizLink Fibre Optical HDMI Cable meets HDMI 2.0 standards (4K Video at 60 Hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px colour depth)
  • Supports bandwidth up to 18Gbps with no delay
  • No electromagnetic interference (EMI) / low power consumption
  • 24K Gold Plated Plug - gold plating process, zinc alloy casing, the hardness is much higher than that of aluminium alloy, the product is durable and can extending the service life
  • Universal Compatibility monitor, projector, UHD image & video for gaming or entertainment, fit for PC, Laptop, PS4, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Blu-ray Player, Apple TV, AV Receiver, Sky HD, Roku, Raspberry Pi, Box TV to Samsung, Sony, LG TV, monitor, projector and more.
  • Feizlink offer a 5-Year Warranty.

The Conclusion is, If you want to install a HDMI cables in your Walls at Home, don’t buy anything Cheap from Amazon, it will be a waste of time because it simply won’t output 4K HDR at 60FPS.

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If you are wanting to purchase a FeizLink cable this is widely available in different sizes please see the link below Feizlink 4K HDMI Cable 10m Fibre Optic High Speed 18Gbps Support HDMI2.0 4K 60Hz (Affiliate Link)

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