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How to Fix your Broken Motorola Moto 360 Sport Battery | Wear OS Smartwatch



Sick of your Motorola Moto 360's Battery Performance? this is for you.

Motorola Moto 360 Sport is notorious for having terrible battery life after a few months, mine started to go downhill quickly after around 6 Months. I was riding home from work in the cold British weather and it decided to shutdown in the middle of recording my Commute. How frustrating the experience has been, luckily it now has a new lease of life, check out the Video for more details or keep reading on if you prefer Picture Tutorials.

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Everything you need:

If you prefer Picture Tutorials to Video Tutorials, I've got you covered!

Use a Hair Dryer on that back of the Watch to loosen the Adhesive.

Slowly make your way around the Plastic Ring with a Pry Tool.

Heat the Backplate further with a Hair dryer if necessary and use the Flat Pry Tool.

Notice the 3 Notches, Use a small Flat Head Screwdriver to unscrew the Button by pushing the Notch until it eventually unscrews.

Look underneath the Rubber Seal for a Notch that you can use for Leverage to Pry out the Watch Base.

Leave all Ribbons in tact, handle with care.

Use the Pry to lift out the Battery.

Replace the Battery and reconnect the Ribbon.

Reassemble the Watch, ensuring you line up the Button holes with each other.

Screw back in the Button.

Reattach the Back Plate, match up the Black Markings on the Back Plate with the Yellow Markings on Watch.

Install the Plastic ring back on the Watch.

Now put the Watch on Charge and test out the Battery. If all goes well, heat the Watch with a Hair Dryer again to create a better Adhesive Bond.

For extra hold, I recommend using a weak Adhesive.

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Like the video if you enjoyed it and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more content like this.


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