How to Install Chrome Extensions on Samsung Mobile with Android

By Gemma Marie Inman

How to Install Chrome Extensions on Samsung Mobile with Android
    Understanding About The Chrome Extension
    Are These Chrome Extensions Necessary?
    How to Install Chrome Extensions on Samsung Mobile with Android

For those of you who often surf in cyberspace using a desktop, installing extensions on Google Chrome is not a stranger. But have you ever thought about installing the extension on your browser application on Android? Although it seems impossible at the moment, we can outsmart it with the following tricks.

Google Chrome or commonly called Chrome is a web browser that is quite popular and is widely used by internet users in various parts of the world. Chrome itself is currently available on various devices, be it desktops, smartphones or tablets. But unfortunately, even though it is available for all platforms, Google Chrome has some limitations for each platform.

For example, we can use Chrome for desktop or PC to install extensions, while for now, we cannot install extensions on our Android devices. For this reason, on this occasion, the author would like to provide some simple tips and tricks on how to use the Chrome extension on an Android smartphone.

But before telling you how, let us talk about some things first.

Understanding About The Chrome Extension

As we mentioned above, Google Chrome is a search engine made by Google which is quite popular today. Chrome indeed packs a lot of interesting features, including the ones they pushed through the extension addition.

This extension is an additional feature that can be installed or removed as the user wishes. The extensions are not installed by default. Instead, they are served as an option for users, so they can either use or avoid them.

Installing a Chrome extension is entirely optional. However, some of the extensions do look intriguing. Thus, many people are using it nonetheless. What’s more interesting is that the extensions are easy to install, just like how you install phone apps from Play Store.

Once installed, these extensions can provide additional functions and possibilities depending on what they’re made for. Yes, the functionality is not the same for all extensions. You can even find many Chrome extension categories on the Chrome Store.

So, it’s always better to check what Chrome extensions you need most before installing them. Check which one of them suits you the best, especially in terms of functionality. Find the one that can be helpful for your work or usual activities.

Are These Chrome Extensions Necessary?

Well, it’s highly dependent on your needs. Some extensions can be really helpful on some occasions, like the Simple Allow Copy extension for example, which lets you copy any materials from any page.

Some extensions can maximize the way you work, simplify document management, and more. The list is limitless at this point. And what’s best is that every user may have a different set of browser extensions installed on their devices.

However, these extensions could become necessary in some cases. For example, if you want to have simple protection when browsing, you can safely install the free VPN browser extension. The VPN with a free trial Chrome Extension is just enough to keep the harm at bay. It also works simple.

But, as we’ve explained above, the use of extensions on Android devices is limited. Android is different from desktop, which also determines how a browser would run on these devices. When using a desktop for browsing, you can easily look for any extensions on the Chrome Store.

The installation process is also easy, it’s as easy as you install an app from Play Store. Right after the installation, these extensions will appear on the top right side of your browser which you can access anytime.

However, if you wish to install a Chrome extension on Android, you need a workaround. There’s no official way to install it as easily as on a desktop. But no need to worry, by following our tips below, you can easily have any Chrome extensions installed on your Android in no time!

How to Install Chrome Extensions on Samsung Mobile with Android

Now, we’ve come to the core of the article. Please know that the methods below also work for other brands, as long as they still use the Android system. Since Samsung also uses Android, you can use the same methods for any Android phone.

To install a Chrome extension, you’ll need a certain tool to work with, and it’s the Yandex Browser. Yandex is a Russian-made browser that can be used for certain things, including installing a Chrome extension.

Now, here’s how you can install a Chrome extension on Samsung or other Android-based phones:

  1. Make sure to first download and install Yandex Browser in the Play Store

  2. After properly installed, open the Yandex Browser application then tap Launch Program.

  3. Then in the search field type "Chrome web store" and select the Google Chrome extension

  4. Search for the extension you want to install via the search field. If you have tap the blue button or Add to Chrome.

  5. A notification will appear, just select Add Extension. Then tap the 3 dots at the bottom to bring up another menu.

  6. Finally, select the Extensions menu to see the installed Chrome extensions.

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