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How to Fix your broken LG Wear OS Watch (W288, W281 and W280)



WARNING: If you replace your battery, your Watch will no longer be Waterproof

Sick of your LG Watch Sport's Battery Performance? This is for you.

LG's Watch Sport is notorius for having terrible battery life after a few months, mine started to go downhill quickly after around 6 Months. I was riding home from work in the cold British weather and it decided to shutdown in the middle of recording my commute. How frustrating that experience has been, luckily it now has a new lease of life, check out the Video for more details!

These instructions are for:

  • W288
  • W281
  • W280
  • W280a

If you prefer Picture Tutorials to Video Tutorials, I've got you covered!
Source: ewisetech

Use the tool that came with the Watch to take off the back cover




Use a T5 Screwdriver to take the screws out of then remove the Watch Straps

Use one of the Soft Pry Tools from the Mobile Phone Repair kit to remove the Back Casing

Use Tweezers or the Soft Pry Tools to carefully remove the black Adhesive Strip

Carefully detach the Ribbons and unscrew the Screws with the T5 Screwdriver




Remove the Battery Enclosure and then carefully remove the Battery with the Soft Pry Tools, this can be a little tricky to get out.

Once the Battery is out, replace with it with the brand new BL-S7 Battery and follow the instructions in reverse order to put it back together.

After everything is put together test the watch by turning it on, remember to charge the Watch straight away - Enjoy your revived LG Watch Sport.

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