Google has Beat the Leakers to it, Pixel 4 Design is Unleashed

By Gemma Marie Inman

Google has Beat the Leakers to it, Pixel 4 Design is Unleashed

Google has let the Cat out of the Bag, the Pixel 4 in all its glory has been shown off, well at least the back of it has.

Last year we saw a bunch of Leaks for the Pixel 3, including some Conspiracy Theories around the Design of the Phone.

That doesn't seem likely to happen this year! Google must've realised that it's near enough impossible to keep the Pixel Phone under wraps, so they decided to beat the leakers at their own Game.

The Pixel has long held the title of one of the best Smartphones Camera available, Google hasn't had the need to include two Cameras on the back in the Past.

They did include two Cameras on the front of the Pixel 3 Phones, which was a sign that Google was willing to embrace Multi-Camera setups.

The iPhone 11 was leaked a few weeks back, showing a similar design, the Camera bump on the Pixel 4 looks very similar.

But of course, Google hasn't copied Apple this time, it would be near enough impossible to at this stage. Phone design can only go so far, it's inevitable that there will be similarities.

I honestly think the Pixel 4 looks better than the iPhone 11, Let me know how you feel about the design of the Pixel 4 in the comments below, do you Love it or hate it?

Gemma Marie Inman


Gemma is an android enthusiast who works in IT management, she appreciates technology that is useful and unique. She is a big animal lover and likes to play sports and be creative in her spare time.

Gemma Marie Inman


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