Plex on Android TV has a Redesign Available to Beta Testers

Plex on Android TV has a Redesign Available to Beta Testers

Plex has been around for a long time now, it’s become almost a Household Name given how quickly it has become popular.

Plex is available on almost every Platform you can think of, including Smart TV’s and Smart Boxes such as Apple TV and Android TV.

They’ve come a long way from their original Fork of XBMC (Kodi), they’ve built on that so far and received backing from major Companies such as Nvidia.

The Plex Media Server is what helped differentiated it from Kodi, as this allowed you to Stream Content to other Devices outside of your Home Network.

They’ve gone through a few redesigns, some for the best others not so much.

They are now expanding their most recent redesign called ‘UNO UI’, this is supposed to stand for their new unified experience.

The redesign has only reached the main Home Screen of Plex for now.

The idea is fairly straightforward and has been achieved by many Companies such as Netflix and YouTube. It was only time before Plex decided to do this, as it was getting out of hand with the number of fragmented app designs that Plex managed to create.

This would certainly slow down development times and that showed for the Android TV version. Taking a wholistic approach will speed up Development time and users won't get confused going from one platform to another.

Plex Redesign in Action

The redesign Beta is a step in the right direction, makes a whole lot of sense to allow the User to have access to multiple Libraries on the Home screen, you can now pin multiple categories from different Servers in the sidebar. This is much more intuitive than the older version where you had to select which Server you wanted to look at one at a time.

That's Great, now how do I get it?

All you have to do is fill out a quick form and then apply to be a tester of the Beta version of the App.

Registration Form: Android (mobile) and Android TV Opt In to Beta: Go to Google Play Store to become beta tester

Ali Hussan Ahmed
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