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Plex Becomes Even More Like Netflix With It's New Skip Intro Feature

by Ali Hussan Ahmed

Plex has come a long way since the days of being a fork of XBMC, since then it has almost been a household name, going from not so well known to partnering with Major companies like Tidal to easily bring lossless music to your Media Centre.

Lately Plex has focussed on a redesign to unify all of it’s app into one clean design, the progress has been going well so far, no longer will you have to re-learn where all of the menus are, going from an Xbox to a Smart TV.

Today Plex has something special for its Plexpass members, one of the most convenient features that Netflix users already enjoy, the ability to skip the intro of a TV Show. This is especially helpful when binge watching episodes of your favourite TV Show.

The technology behind the new features seems simple but no doubt it would have taken a long time to perfect, Plex has created an audio fingerprint of the histogram of each episode in a season, from this it can make an educated guess when an intro is playing. Your Plex Server will have to do this for each season of a TV show in your Plex TV Show library.

A little peek under the hood: The secret ingredient is creating an audio “fingerprint” out of the histogram of each episode in a given season of each TV show. It turns out that the vast majority of show intros share common audio signatures for all their episodes (at least for a specific season). After applying some heuristics and a little bit of Special Sauce™, we’re able to predict (in almost all cases) precisely when the intro starts and ends. Voila! Get precious minutes of your life back, one episode at a time.





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The update is ready to try out, first you’ll need to ensure that you have a Plexpass Membership, this can be paid for yearly, monthly or with a lifetime membership.

What you'll need to get started...

Turn the Setting on for Your Server

You can enable whether or not your Plex Media Server will generate intro markers under the library settings for your server. To do so:

Open Plex Web App
Go to Settings > Server > Library
Set the Generate intro video markers setting as desired

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About the Author

Ali Hussan Ahmed

Ali has a passion for Technology and appreciates well laid out design which has functionality that blends well. He is a Network Engineer and dabbles in Web Development in his spare time.

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