Plex Launches Free Live TV on Android, iPhone, Apple TV, Android TV and the Web

By Ali Hussan Ahmed

Plex Launches Free Live TV on Android, iPhone, Apple TV, Android TV and the Web

The gift that is Plex just can’t stop giving, now with another treat that gives all users free ad-supported Live TV.

Albeit, 80 channels that I’ve never watched in my life, it’s a great start from Plex which shows promise for the future.

Plex-pass users have had access to Live TV features for a while now, this required additional hardware such as USB TV tuners to make it work. This is still the best option if you want to see the local channels that you’re used to.

Plex the popular streaming media platform for all your favorite media, today announced a new way for consumers to watch free Live TV with the addition of 80+ channels of completely customizable live programming, most available worldwide and more coming soon.

Plex is the only streaming media platform to bring together all forms of media in one place, offering more content in a single platform than any other service on the market.

Free ad-supported movies and shows, podcasts, streaming music, personal media, and now pre-programmed Live TV are all easily accessible via Plex, and on virtually every device.

Plex is going in the right direction, hopefully, Plex will partner with more broadcasters in the future. For now, completely cutting the cord with Plex isn’t perfect, I still recommend obtaining an IPTV subscription and choosing from some of the best IPTV apps available on any platform.

Ali Hussan Ahmed

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Ali Hussan Ahmed


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