Record IPTV Channels on The Android TV & Google TV Live Channels App

Record IPTV Channels on The Android TV & Google TV Live Channels App

If you have an Android TV device and you use IPTV services, this app is a must-have. It essentially allows you to use your IPTV channels with the Android TV Live Channels app.

Most IPTV services give you a catch-up service but they're usually flaky at best, instead, you can record what you want and when you want with PVR Live.

Recording & Player Controls

Once you've recorded all the content that you could possibly want to watch, PVR Live lets you use Google's interface within the Android TV Live channels app to help you navigate your recordings.

The live channels app provides a nice, clean interface, the recording history and the upcoming full schedule is organized by categories and conveniently placed on one page.

Android TV Live Channels App Recording Schedule

Once you choose a recording that you want to watch, you'll be greeted with the video player made by Google. You can fast forward, rewind and pause, so you can skip those adverts if you don't want to watch them.

Android TV Live Channels Video Player

So you've got the same player controls with some added extras for live TV. You can pause live TV and rewind it if you miss something, and you can also record something if you want to watch it later on.

Google Assistant on Android TV

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is another reason why you should check out PVR Live.

It allows deep integration with Google Assistant. Essentially, you search for anything you want to watch and see if it's playing live on IPTV.

This will save you loads of time, instead of digging through a massive IPTV list to find something you want to watch, you can quickly search for something and decide to record it or watch it straight away.

Picture in Picture

It's worth noting that you can watch a TV channel and then put it into PIP (picture and picture) mode, that will then allow you to do anything else whilst watching the TV channel.

You can, for instance, play a game like Crossy Roads or you can do something like changing the settings and you won't miss out on anything you're watching.

The only downside to this, for now, is that you can't watch another video whilst in PIP mode, but maybe that'll change in the future.

New Features

PVR Live VOD Support on Android TV

Video on-demand (VOD) Support

As of version 2.0, PVR live now supports the playback of video-on-demand content from your IPTV provider, this now eliminates the need for a secondary app to play your VOD. The interface has the familiar leanback design that's comfortable to use d-pad remote control.

PVR Live VOD Support on Android TV

Home Screen

PVR Live makes it easy to watch all your recordings because it's available right there on the home screen ready to watch. if you usually watch the same channel over and over, you no longer need to dig through the app anymore, just jump straight to it from the home screen. As soon as you focus on a channel on the homescreen, a live preview will be shown.

Local Playlists

This is one of the most requested features for PVR Live. Linus the developer, has been helpful enough to add a new feature that allows you to add your own local playlists.

There are a few reasons why you would want to use a local playlist, I'll show you exactly how you can use this new feature to set up your own categories.

Linus has also added the ability to choose multiple categories, so you don't have to import the whole IPTV playlist you can choose which categories/groups you actually want to import.

Multiple Playlists

Here's another frequently requested feature, you can now add multiple playlists so all of you out there that have multiple IPTV providers, you can add them all into PVR Live right now. This feature isn't limited to IPTV, you can also add something like TVHeadend or TVMosaic as well.

One last thing Linus set up a subreddit for PVR Live, make sure you join, it is a growing community everyone can ask questions, request new features and get support if you need it.

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