Record Your IPTV Channels on The Android TV Live Channels app

By Ali Hussan Ahmed

Record Your IPTV Channels on The Android TV Live Channels app
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There has just been a shockwave sent throughout the whole IPTV scene, the Xtremecode takedown has had many resellers in a panic, scrambling to find alternatives to keep their subscribers happy.

Until the dust settles, I want to introduce you to an app that has me excited, PVR Live has been around for a while now and it’s evolved into something great.

PVR Live is one of the best IPTV apps for Android TV, this becomes obvious quickly since it utilizes most of Android TV's features.

The PVR Live app will allow you to record, pause and rewind live TV on Android TV devices such as the Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box, and Chromecast With Google TV.

The Live Channels App

Android TV has a built-in app called Live Channels, it doesn’t work on its own, it needs another app to provide the Channels.

I’ve talked about other apps that work well with the Live Channels app such as TVirl but, they're lacking in comparison to PVR Live.

The development has been slow, and must-have features such as pausing live TV and DVR (Digital Video Recorder), are missing altogether.

TVirl also takes forever to update your IPTV playlist compared to PVR Live and doesn't update in the background, unless you pay £2.79 a month.

PVR Live is here now, the underrated companion app for Android TV’s Live channels.

If you want this on your Amazon Fire TV, unfortunately, it's not possible.

The closest app you'll find with a similar experience is Tivimate, you can't record on Tivimate yet but, it's a feature coming in the future.

The app supports a long list of TV sources, TVMosaic, TVheadend and Enigma2, and more.

The source I’m interested in mainly is ‘Playlist’, which is why this app is essentially giving Tivimate a run for its money.

Tivimate based on the design of its app on the Android TV Live Channels app has fast become one of the most popular IPTV apps for Android TV for many reasons, the look and feel is one of them.

This is all done in the Android TV’s Live Channels app as Google intended

Again, Tivimate is still lacking features such as recording, PVR Live allows you to pause live TV and record any upcoming TV Shows and Movies from your IPTV Provider.

This is all done in the Android TV’s Live Channels app as Google intended, choosing something to record couldn’t be easier, simply, open the TV Guide, find a TV Show in the future and click on it to schedule a record.

If you’re currently watching something that you fancy recording, press the record button and the app knows how long it needs to record.

A unique feature on Google's Live Channels app, is if you schedule a recording because you won't be able to watch a TV Show live and you made it home before it ends, you don't have to wait until the recording ends to start watching the recording from the beginning.

You can start watching the recording straight away even though it hasn't finished, I can see this as being a handy feature.

The free version has a few limitations, you cannot see Logos in the TV Guide and you can’t pause and record Live TV.

If you do want those features, pay a really fair price compared to TVirl and Tivimate, 99p a month, or a one-off cost of £4.00 for a lifetime amount of updates.

This is crazy, the developer is almost giving it away for free at this price point!

This is a pleasant surprise from the developer, and like the Tivimate developer, he's happy for you to suggest new features. If the idea makes sense and is possible to implement he will consider it.

If you feel like your idea might be suitable for PVR Live, drop the developer an Email.

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