Is TiviMate the Best IPTV app for Android TV and Fire TV?

By Ali Hussan Ahmed

Is TiviMate the Best IPTV app for Android TV and Fire TV?
    The Free Version
    The Premium Version

TiviMate has been around for a while now, it has evolved to be one of the quickest and most feature-full IPTV Apps out there.

If you're still using GSE IPTV or SmartIPTV then, you really need to try out TiviMate. I guarantee you'll never go back. The app design is based on the Live Channels app created by Google that's baked into Android TV.

What makes this app appealing is that you get all of the good from the Live Channels app (except for Google Assistant integration), without the restrictions.

To use the Live Channels App, you will need an app like PVR Live to provide Channels to the Live Channels App. At the moment, this doesn't work well.

It can take hours to set up and get everything working correctly and that's without having any Categories.

The Free Version

Yes, there is a Premium Version of the app but I have a little surprise for you further down the Article - For most People, the Free Version of the app will do you just fine.

When you start to use the app, there are a few limitations with the free version, most notably is the ability to 'favourite' channels, turn off categories that you don't need and the ability to update the TV guide on launch.

The TV Guide will update every 10 days on the free version, which isn't great as most EPG Providers only give you 5 days worth of TV Guide information.

Eventually, you'll find yourself opening the app to no TV guide, which is fine because you can go into the Settings and manually update the TV Guide.

Tivimate gives you the ability to play any IPTV channel in any player you want, you can set specific groups such as on-demand TV Shows to play in an external player, and everything else can play in the internal TiviMate Player.

This is handy because, at the moment, TiviMate doesn't support pausing and fast-forwarding just yet.

The Premium Version

Tivimate is updated almost monthly, the developer loves to hear feedback and suggestions on what to bring to the app, he's very active over on Reddit if you want to reach out to him.

The incentive to purchase the premium version is obvious, if you don't want to manually update your TV guide every few days then you'll have to pay up.

There are many other reasons to go premium, for instance, the amount of customization available for Premium users is worth it alone.

You can change the Size of the Logos and Text and add Transparency to the menu, which really adds to the overall experience of TiviMate.

Adding Multiple Playlists is one of the standout Features the Premium Version brings you, which is great since you can also add Multiple TV Guide sources in the Free Version.

The premium version costs £4.49 annually for 5 Devices, you can Trial the Features for 5 Days for Free.

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