What it means for UK Drivers under new Laws that use Android Auto

What it means for UK Drivers under new Laws that use Android Auto

Harsher Penalties set to start this month in the UK for using a Mobile Phone when your Engine is on

It's been illegal to use a hand held mobile phone while driving, or while stopped with the engine on, since December 2003.

Now with tougher Penalties due to be enforced this Month, drivers will be found breaking the law when they don't even realise they're doing it. People seen holding their mobile phone while driving will receive six penalty points and a £200 fine - rather than the former three points and a £100 fine.

New Drivers that have passed their Driving Test within 2 years will have their License taken away, similarly to getting caught speeding.

What does this mean for Android Auto Users?

If you have a headunit with Android Auto built in, its safe to say you'll be okay - as fiddling around with your Stereo doesn't seem to be covered under this new Legislation!

You might think this is silly, but people using Mobile Phones whilst driving is getting out of control! So I can understand why Politicians are taking this harsh approach.

If you're using Android Auto (Driving Mode) on your Android 5.0+ Device, and you get caught touching your phone more than accepting a faster route on Google Maps, you'll probably get the Penalties.

This sucks, because I find if you have to use your phone whilst driving - Android Auto is the safest way to do it! The only advice I can give is, if you do decide to carry on using Android Auto, stick to Voice Commands.

Luckily Google has you covered on most actions you would usually take on your phone, with Voice commands.

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