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Recent Articles by Ali Hussan Ahmed

Record IPTV Channels on Android TV's Live Channels App

PVR Live is the best solution for watching IPTV on Android TV, you can use it on devices like the Nvidia Shield and Sony TV's.

IPTVX Should Be The Only IPTV App For Your Apple TV

Brand New IPTV App for Apple TV, the design and features of this App outshine everything currently available for IPTV on Apple TV

Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, iOS and More

There are so many IPTV Apps across all Platforms, this Article will show you the best Apps available. [UPDATE: PVR LIVE & IPTVX Added]

Record Your IPTV Channels on The Android TV Live Channels App

This Article shows you how to set up Android TV's Live Channel App with an App called PVR Live, so you can record, pause and rewind IPTV.

Pixel 4 Saves You Waiting on Calls, UK Don't Hold Your Breath...

A possible leak for the Pixel 4 shows what features we might not get, remember Google Call Screening?

Fresh Lick of Paint for YouTube on Android TV released

YouTube for Android TV has quietly been updated with a new redesign, albeit not a radical change but, very welcomed.

Apple TV's Most Advanced IPTV Player Is Here | IPTVX

Brand New IPTV App for Apple TV, the design and features of this App outshine everything currently available for IPTV on Apple TV

Plex on Android TV has a Redesign Available to Beta Testers

Plex for Android TV has been a little stagnant for a few months now, that's about to change. Learn how to try the new Redesign now.

Place YouTube & Twitch Channels on Android TV's Home Screen

The Channels App for Android TV has just been updated to add support for Twitch and DailyMotion

Best IPTV App for Android TV & Fire TV? Premium Surprise Inside

It can be hard finding the right App to play all of your IPTV Channels, here's a in-depth look of one of the Greatest.

Google has Beat the Leakers to it, Pixel 4 Design is Unleashed

Last Year, the Pixel 3 was heavily leaked, this Year Google has embraced the Leaks.

Two Ways to Get Apple TV's Beautiful Screensavers on Android TV

Apple's Aerial Drone Screensavers look amazing on Apple TV, now it can look just as great on your Android TV with these two Solutions.

The New Channels App Will Complete Your Android TV [Beta is Open]

This new Android TV App will make watching your favourite YouTube Channels much easier.

Google Call Screening is still not available for the Pixel 3 in the UK

Call Screening is still nowhere to be seen for everyone except for the United States. That's now starting to change.

9000+ IPTV Channels including on Demand working on Apple TV

This Guide will get your Apple TV (4th Gen), up and running with Thousands of Live IPTV Channels and on Demand Content.

The Best IPTV Service and IPTV App to use on Amazon's Fire TV and FireStick

We'll show you exactly how to get the Best M3U IPTV Channels and the highly recommended IPTV App 'Tivimate'.

How to Set Up Categories for your 9000+ IPTV Channels on Android TV's Live Channels App

Instead of having a Long List of IPTV Channels, you can Categorize your 9000+ IPTV Channels with Genres on Android TV's Live Channels App.

9000+ IPTV Channels Working with Android TV's Live Channels App

Your Android TV will never be the same once you follow this guide on how to get 9000+ IPTV Channels.

How to Fix your Broken Motorola Moto 360 Sport Battery | Wear OS Smartwatch

Tutorial for replacing your Moto 360 Sport Battery, to fix Poor Battery Life - Spring your Watch back to life!

How To Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Live for Free on Android and Google Cast Enabled Devices

The first Episode of Season 8 Game of Thrones has aired, if you missed it here's how you can make sure you don't miss the rest

How To Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 for Free on Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, Fire TV and Android TV

April the 15th is the Date that HBO's highly acclaimed TV Show Starts again for the Final Season, find out how to watch it for Free.

Google's Stadia Vs Nvidia's Geforce Now, Gaming could get a lot better for Android, Android TV and Chromebooks

Google's Stadia can work on any Device with a Browser, How does it compare with Nvidia's Geforce Now, which is available for PC, Mac and Android TV

How to Fix your broken LG Wear OS Watch (W288, W281 and W280)

Tutorial for replacing your LG Watch Sport (W288, W281 and W280) Battery, to fix Poor Battery Life - Spring your Watch back to life!

Swipe-for-back - There’s hope for Android’s Navigation Gestures at last!

Android Pie was more like Marmite because of the divisions it made with people who loved the new Android Gestures and those that hated it.

TVZion - A Great Popcorn Time and Showbox Alternative - Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android

TVZion is a versatile App that works great on a range of devices such as Android TV and Fire TV, its not without controversy though.

Forget Showbox, Popcorn Time is Back! [Update: Android TV Build Mostly Working Now]

Showbox is no longer working but who cares, the Popcorn time App for Android, Android TV and Fire TV is all you need.

Pixel Buds: So close to perfection or so-so?

Wireless Ear buds from Google, in depth Review

LG Wallpaper TV: Google Assistant Features Are A Total Let Down

OLED TV's from LG have long held the Crown for being one the best Televisions you can currently purchase, but can their AI ThinQ Voice features impress like the OLED Picture Quality?

Volvo’s Technology Focused, Fully Electric Polestar 2 To Be Revealed Soon

Volvo are set to reveal their flagship fully Electric Vehicle, the Polestar 2 which is touted to give Tesla a run for their money, but I’m sure Elon Musk loves a bit of decent competition.

Upgrading the LG Wallpaper TV: from W7 2017 OLED to W8 2018 OLED

LG failed to Fix Vertical Banding on my Wallpaper OLED W7 so they gave me a full refund. I went and got the Wallpaper OLED W8 instead, here's the setup and first impressions.

Android TV is reunited with a working Popcorn Time Again

Android TV and Fire TV has once again been blessed with a working version of Popcorn Time

Gaming on the Wallpaper OLED with Nvidia Shield

Gaming has never looked better in beautiful 4k HDR on the incredible Wallpaper OLED Screen

Google IO almost here - Watch it here<

It’s about that time again, Google’s developer conference is almost here

LG Wallpaper OLED overview with Nvidia Shield

Unboxing and Review of the Wallpaper OLED - W7

Waze is finally taking steps towards testing Android Auto with end-users [with links]

Google first announced that Waze is coming to Android Auto back in May 2016, almost a year later Waze is sending out Emails to Beta Testers to gauge the communities interest.

What it means for UK Drivers under new Laws that use Android Auto

It's been illegal to use a hand held mobile phone while driving, or while stopped with the engine on, since December 2003.