BT has quietly released Gigabit Internet and you can get it now

Gigabit internet for consumers in the UK is now a reality.

By Gemma Marie Inman

BT has quietly released Gigabit Internet and you can get it now

BT has finally released their highly anticipated gigabit internet service to households that already have FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), you're more likely to have this type of connection if you live in a new build property.

If you're not currently in this category, you're out of luck for the time being but, BT is moving faster than ever before.

By 2021, BT plans to roll out FTTP to four million properties which works out to be around 300,000 properties per month.

We are making some changes to our fibre portfolio, launching new Full Fibre products.

Full Fibre is our next-generation broadband with a dedicated connection that runs straight to your home. It uses the latest fibre-optic technology to offer gigafast download speeds up to 900Mbps and ultrafast upload speeds.

You might be wondering why BT hasn't announced this news in a big way, the reason for this is the news of OpenReach prioritising 'essential work' such as repairs and maintenance.

Unfortunately, installations of new services don’t come under the umbrella of 'essential work', which means you'll most likely have to wait for the situation with the Corona (COVID-19) Virus to improve before you can experience BT's superfast full Fibre.

Unless you have FTTP from OpenReach that is Greenfield as opposed to Brownfield. Greenfield sites do not have any copper lines, which means that BT can connect the service remotely without the need for an Openreach engineer.

BT is offering 910Mbps for the same price as that they were offering 330Mbps for, £59.99 and £9.99 one-off cost for the BT Router. If you're lucky you may also get BT's Wifi Blade at no extra cost. Check if you can get the service now by visiting BT's Full Fibre product page.

You will need to give them a call on 0800 800 150 to place an order, as BT haven't quite figured out how to process online orders for FTTP just yet. You will be passed through to the 'Sales Support Team' as the Sales advisors do not have access to place FTTP orders, BT has to create a manual order which can take around 30 minutes on the phone.

The operator may state that they're unable to place an order because of the COVID-19 situation but, as long as your site is Greenfield, there should be no issue. Ask them to check this for you.

Gemma Marie Inman


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Gemma Marie Inman


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