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How To Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 for Free on Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, Fire TV and Android TV

by Ali Hussan Ahmed

I’ll go through the many different ways that you’ll be able to watch every new episode starting from the 15th of April. If you want to watch Game of Thrones Live on HBO, I cover how to do this on a new Article. If you’re in the UK and you want the easiest way to watch Game of Thrones and don’t mind paying a little money for the pleasure, the best way will be to grab NowTV’s offer of 20 Pounds for 4 months of their Entertainment Pack - this offer is only valid until midnight of the 15th of April.





In the US, HBO is offering a 7 day Trial - which isn’t nearly as good!

For the People who don’t want to pay, I’m going to show you the best ways to Watch Game of Thrones Seasons 8 for Free!

Watch our Quick Video on the Best way to Watch Season 8 of Game of Thrones

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UPDATE 16/04/2019 20:00 UK TIME
Popcorn Time now has the first Episode of Season 8
Popcorn Time

There’s Good and Bad, the Good thing about Popcorn Time is that you can Watch Episodes of Game of Thrones, in 1080p, 720 and 480

You have a lot of choice, Popcorn Time works for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, FireTV and Android TV.

The bad thing about Popcorn Time is that it can be very buggy to use and the experience varies on each Platform.

This App is open source and it doesn’t have any adverts, Popcorn Time is based on Torrents which means sometimes it can take awhile for the Episode to start also means you have to be cautious when using this; I recommend using a VPN like TorGuard (50% off when you use the Voucher code A-HAAN at the checkout) or NordVPN to make sure you’re protected and don’t receive any penalties from your ISP or Local Law Enforcement.

Showbox or Moviebox for iOS

This App is probably the most straightforward and easiest App to use to watch Game of Thrones, it’s updated frequently and doesn’t rely on Torrents.

So you won’t need to use a VPN unless its being blocked by your Internet Service Provider - you’ll know when it is being blocked when nothing plays.

I use this in conjunction with Allcast to stream any Episodes to my Google Cast enabled devices, together with Allcast you can stream Game of Thrones to virtually any device. Growbox is also needed as a proxy to allow Showbox to use Allcast.

Showbox has a lot of annoying adverts, but I’ve got a adfree Version for you.


This App has quickly become the least popular App to use but I disagree with the HYPE! TVZion is still very reliable, if you’ve got an Android TV or Fire TV this is a must have for you.

If you’re worried about the recent controversy about the Developer then use a VPN!

TVZion gets updated regularly, I can usually find niche episodes on here, if Popcorn time and Showbox doesn’t have it, then TVZion most likely will.

TVZion on mobile is also riddled with adverts, but if you use it on Android TV or Fire TV, there’s hardly any, unfortunately TVZion only works on Android based Devices.

  • Download the latest Version, it's the same APK for Android TV, Fire TV & Android: TVZion


I don't recommend Kodi, it's not the most user friendly and can be extremely frustrating to keep on top of, let me know in the Comments if you disagree

There’s no reason why you can’t use all of these, if one doesn’t work then you have another App as a backup, it's good to keep your options open!

Let me know which Apps you plan on using to watch Season 8 of GOT in the comments below!

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About the Author

Ali Hussan Ahmed

Ali has a passion for Technology and appreciates well laid out design which has functionality that blends well. He is a Network Engineer and dabbles in Web Development in his spare time.

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