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This application allows users to mount an SMB file share in their Downloads/Files app in Android. That way, users can access their remote files seamlessly from their Android devices, opening, modifying, and deleting them. This application is a direct port of Samba client which can be found at As such, it supports the entire feature supported by Samba client. This application is open-sourced under the GNU General Public License. The full source can be found at

Whats New?

Enable SMBv3.

Additional Notes



Downloads Version Architecture Minimum Version Date
Download 1.1 Arm64-v8a, Armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64 Android 6.0+ July 17, 2017

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Ali Hussan Ahmed

Ali has a passion for technology and appreciates well laid out designs which have functionality that blends well with the brand. He is a network engineer and dabbles in web development in his spare time.



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