This app is intended to be used on a device running Android TV! Watch and record your Live TV content from IPTV, HdHomeRun, Enigma2 or other PVR (Personal Video Recorder) sources. Use as an extender for your set-top box or as a multiroom client for your TV server. See the web page for more details!

Important: - PVR Live does not provide any channels, sources or media. All content is provided legally by the individual user. - PVR Live has no affiliation with any content provider. - PVR Live does not support streaming of copyrighted material without permission from the copyrighter.

Functions: - Live TV addon for Live Channels - Completely integrated in your TV if it's based on Android TV - Program guide (EPG) - Logotypes in EPG(*) - Channel tags/favorites/bouquets - Multiple audio tracks - Subtitles (cc/dvbsub/teletext) - Multiple languages (English/Spanish/German/Portuguese/Swedish/French/Russian/Ukrainian/Italian/Polish)

- Timeshift (play/pause/seek)(*) - Schedule and watch recorded programs and series(*) - Home screen / Recommendations with recent channels and recorded programs - Play next to resume recordings from home screen - Use multiple sources at the same time(*) - VOD - catchup, movies and series (*) - Multiview (*) (*) requires Plus-version

Currently, the following PVR sources are supported: - DVBLink (6.x+) - DVBViewer (Recording Services or Media Server) - Enigma2 (VU+, Dreambox and more) - HdHomeRun - Jellyfin - Playlist (m3u/m3u8 and xmltv) - Xtream Codes - Tvheadend (4.2+) - TVMosaic Made in Sweden

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Ali is passionate about technology and appreciates well-laid-out designs with functionality that blends well with the brand. He is a Full Stack Web Developer with over 4 years of experience working with React.

Ali Hussan Ahmed


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