The New Channels app Will Complete Your Android TV [Beta is Open]

The New Channels app Will Complete Your Android TV [Beta is Open]

Google is busy getting Android Q ready for release this Year, they showcased a bunch of new features for Android Q at Google I/O 2019. Google failed to mention any new updates in their main Keynote, a few Sessions later they announced some pretty boring updates to the Payment UI and a very much needed refresh of the Google Play Store.

Channels app Play Store

The Android TV Team has promised that they haven't abandoned Android TV, for awhile they were focusing on the working with their Partners around the World such as Sony, Dish TV and a bunch of others.

For the time being, it will be up to Indie Developers to pick up the Slack of the Android TV Team, The new 'Channels' app will add a Feature to your ATV that you didn't know you needed.


Mateusz Ramski has taken it upon himself to make the Home screen of Android TV a lot more useful, instead of digging through the Menu's of the Youtube app to find your favourite Youtube Channels, you can get to them right from the Home screen.

Youtube already allows you to add Channels to the Home Screen but, they are very limited and rely on Artifical Intelligence to recommend Videos based on your History.

This can be accurate at times, but a lot of times it's not even close. I find myself completely ignoring them and going straight into the Youtube app to find what I want.

The Channels app will help take out all the hassle of watching your favourite Youtube Channels.

Channels app pick channel

If the Official YouTube app isn't your Bag, The Channels app allows you to change the default Player to a YouTube alternative (like one without ads).

Channels app pick channel

The UI is simple to use, open the app search the Name of the Channel that you want on the Home Screen, then select one of the Channels from the list of search results.

The Channels app is currently in Closed-Beta, you can ask the Developer by Email for Access, simply provide your Email that you use to login to the Google Play Store. The Developer will then give you Closed-Beta Access.

If you want to try the app now, I'm currently hosting the APK. This will save you from waiting to be accepted into the Beta, but if you do Download the APK - Make sure you ask for Beta access too, this will ensure you get any updates from the Google Play Store.

Mateusz has contacted me to say that the Channels app is now out of Closed Beta, follow the Link below to try out Channels now.

Join the Beta

Check this Video to see the Channels app in action

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