The Best IPTV Service and IPTV app to use on Amazon's Fire TV and FireStick

The Best IPTV Service and IPTV app to use on Amazon's Fire TV and FireStick

Amazon Fire TV has been very popular for a long time now, that's because of many reasons - It's affordably priced and has many of the apps that you would need such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Movies.

The Fire TV's currently on Sale in the UK is the non-4K Fire TV Stick for £29.99 down from 39.99 and the 4k Fire TV Stick for 39.99 down from 49.99.

Amazon 4K Fire Stick

The most powerful streaming media stick with a new Wi-Fi antenna design optimised for 4K Ultra HD streaming.

The latest Fire TV hasn't hit the UK shores yet, The Fire TV Cube is $119.99.

This is a unique device, similar to JBL's Android TV Soundbar, it has Smart Speaker functionality alongside TV functionality.

The Amazon app Store hasn't really had the greatest selection of Apps, except for the Apps made by major companies.

Amazon has been very Strict on the types of apps it allows in the app Store, unfortunately.

You'll be hard-pushed to find an IPTV app on the Amazon app Store, I'll show you the best way to watch IPTV channels and one of the best services you can find.

Modded Tivimate

Think of this as a trial run of the premium features of Tivimate, if you like this app, consider purchasing the premium version to ensure further development.


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